Dear Contributors,

The Bronx Veterans Mentors Inc. a 501c3 charitable organization is now in its second year of operation. Our organization would like to thank you for your financial assistance as we continue to serve the men and women that have honored their oath to support and defend this great nation and now need your support. The BVCM seeks to fulfill its sole mission, to Leave No Comrade Behind, and this can only be possible with you help.

To assist Veterans who became involved in the Judicial system due their Military service. The Bronx Veterans Treatment Court, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and Therapeutic Communities are also involved in assisting us in this effort, therefore we need to help Veterans seeking treatment for mental health and/or drug related issues as an alternative to incarceration.

Your donation or contribution will help make the emotional and physical healing for our veterans possible. Please look deep into your heart and consider what you can give to our veterans and their families. Your generous donation or contribution will be fully appreciated by all our heroes.

Thank you for your support on this cause.

Dwayne Gathers
Dwayne Gathers, Army 87-90